Friday, February 18, 2011

Water Intake

While surfing the blogs, I came across a water calculator.  You answer a few questions, and then it tells you how much water you should be drinking (or fluids).  I should be having 110 ounces daily.  I maybe have around 40 ounces.  It is soooo hard to get in enough water.  I read somewhere, a long time ago, that if you don't get enough water, your body thinks it is in dehydration mode and hangs on to (retains water=water weight) every drop.  But, if you drink a lot of water, your body uses what it needs and gets rid of the rest.  That means I have to fill my cup at work 6 times.  Well crap (excuse my language)!  I can only manage to fill it once or twice, but SIX TIMES?!?!

I think this weekend I will see if I can find a larger container and get some lemons to put in.  If I have a larger container, I don't have to try to remember to fill it so many times.      

I have to go get ready for work.  I hope you all have a lovely day.

McD Sausage McMuffin Combo.  I know, BAD BAD BAD.  And now, my excuses:  Grandson has no school today, no school he sleeps in, he sleeps in and I don't have to cook breakfast.  I don't have to cook breakfast, I get to leave earlier and put in a bit of overtime at work.  The real reason...I DEARLY LOVE MCD SAUSAGE!!!!  Hot dogs and sausages are my alltime favorite food.  Forget sweets, give me a hot dog or sausage anytime.  Bratwurst, Keilbasa(sp?), Italian sausage, breakfast sausage, COSTCO hot dogs, Cheddarwurst...oh my goodness, Hillshire Farm has the best Cheddarwurst!  There is just nothing like a grilled Cheddarwurst on a French roll with horseradish-dijon mustard!  These are what stalled the beginning of my weight loss, having to think about giving all these up was very, very hard.


Ham sandwich, no mayo, apple, water

None, not hungry, a glass of milk

147 mg/dL 5:45am  BOOOO!  Pasta for lunch and dinner, yesterday
4 morning circuits
1 afternoon circuit, very, very cold
5961 steps

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  I'll be back Monday.


  1. I've no idea how much water I ought to be drinking - I do drink a lot more on days I go to the gym as I fill up a water bottle and take it round with me.
    Your post hits the nail on the head here with food - we know what got us in this mess, we know what to avoid, but can we do it? Its a daily battle isn't it. I will go check out how much I should drink!

  2. I am new you your blog, but not to blogging. First congratulations on starting this weight loss journey? Or have you??

    I ask because I noted above that you had a McD sausage and I know from reading your blog they are your favorites. I checked on line and they come in around 420 calories. Can you really afford that many calories for that item?

    As I read through past posts, I noted that you are a diabetic and also a grandmother. It took me along time, too, long, to finally comitt to getting healthy. I did it for me, first, but my family second. You can read more at:
    if you want.

    What I do for those foods I really like, is save the calories for a special treat and have them. You can, too, if you budget them in.

    You are worth this effort to get healthy. Really you are! Michele

  3. Thank you for your comment Michele, I appreciate your concern. As I am losing 2.5 pounds per week, on average, I think squeezing in a treat every now and then is fine.