Sunday, February 6, 2011

Good Food, Great Medicine - A book

This is the name of the book I am basing my eating plan on.  It is very good, and is just good old, basic common sense.  This is pretty much how I was raised, and how I used to cook before everything went down the drain.  A long, long time ago.

It is written by a local doctor here in Portland, Dr. Miles Hassell and his sister Mea Hassell (who works with him in is office).    The one I have was a gift.  They can be found on Amazon:  And here is their website:  Sorry for the links, but I don't know how to hide it and make it pretty in my blog like I have seen on other pages.

Dr. Hassell is board certified in internal medicine and is in private practice at Providence St. Vincent Hospital in Portland Oregon.  He established the Integrative Medicine Program at Providence Cancer Center and is a clinical instructor in the training of internal medicine residents, twice receiving Teacher of the Year award as well as being included in Portland's Top Doctors.  Dr. Hassell uses evidence based nutrition and exercise options in his medical practice and lectures widely to physician groups regarding the use of nutritional medicine.

It is a very good read.  The focus is on healthy, whole, real food.  It's not really a diet book, but more of a cookbook/health guide, based on the Mediteranian Diet.  As it says under the title on the book, "Diet and lifestyle guidelines for optimal health from a medical practice."  It has LOTS of great tips for quick and easy to put together meals.  The authors are busy people with families, and the recipes reflect that.

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  1. sounds really good - and eating healthily rather than eating what we mentally see as "diet food" is so good!
    Your links do look pretty .....but if you want to link as you have seen others do...when you go to "NEW POST" and when you're ready for the link use the little link tab at the top of your post to choose what you want it to say in the bit people click on and then fill in the full link, You can always try it in a post and then delete...thats what I do when I'm experimenting. Good Luck