Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Non-Weight Related Question

Good Saturday morning everyone!

I have a question.  But first, a little explanation.  On these blogs, we are sharing some very private, sometimes intimate information about ourselves.  As a result, I feel very connected to some of you ladies.  It makes me very sad to think I will never meet any of you.  Also, I know these are "Weight Loss Blogs", but there is more to our lives than losing weight.  I would like to know just a little bit more about you.  Nothing personal mind you, I am just curious what some of your hobbies are.  What kinds of activities bring you happiness and joy?  I don't mean to pry,  I think this is just a natural extension of getting to know people you care about. 

My son says I don't try hard enough to get to know people, I don't ask enough questions.  That is so hard for me.  My mouth gets dry, my hands get clammy and my throat closes up.  Eating with strangers...Oh my goodness, so hard to swallow when your throat closes up.  Maybe this is why I HATE dating, HAHAHAHA!  Anyway, so I am trying.

I'll go first.  Before I hurt my knees, I LOVED LOVED LOVED being outside hiking and camping.   I used to live here.  The little town is Carson City, Nevada, the state capital.  That is Lake Tahoe at the top of the photo and the lake on the right of the photo is Washoe Lake.  I lived in Carson City for 15 years.  This place brought me so much joy and happiness.  My last good hike was aprox 22 miles round trip.  Now I can't even go shopping without riding the electric cart at the store.

Also, I enjoy crocheting.  My brother and I used to spend a lot of time with our Grandma Sallie.  Every now and then she used to dance a little jig, singing a silly song and making funny sounds with her hands.  I adored her.  Anyway, she was an avid crocheter.  I have many of the things she made.  I have a large family and we all have many of the things she made.  She never really taught me how, other than to make a chain.  I was a busy kid and to keep me occupied, she would have me sit beside her and chain away.  That chain became enormous.  When I became an adult, I bought a book and taught myself.  She lived hundreds of miles away by that time, so I couldn't ask her.  She has since passed away.  I have one of her afgans on my bed and often think of her hands touching each of those threads, and of her hugs and kisses.  If I can become half the grandmother she was, I will be very happy.

This is an odd one, but I love to read magazines.  This drives my son crazy, because I like to save them.  Right now, my favorite ones are Womens World, All You and First for Women.  They have recipes, health tips, organizing tips and of course the diet of the month.  I like them because they are colorful and cheery, no serious stories.  Just some light, easy reading. 

Non-fiction books are also my favorites, I don't care for fiction.  I went back to college in 1997, and because of my text books, I discovered I really enjoyed reading non-fiction.  I have lots.  When I lived in Carson City, there was a thrift store in town, that on Saturdays had a book sale.  You could fill a grocery bag for a dollar.  If I was very careful, I could sometimes get 15 books in a bag.  However, I usually gave them back to the thrift store when I finished with them.

So, there you have it, hiking, camping, crocheting and reading.  I didn't mention it earlier, but my favorite thing to do, is spend time with my family.  I come from a very large, southern family, on both sides. Let me tell you, there was some very good food at family gatherings.

Ok, I have to get started on my day.  I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Carla-rather than post a lengthy essay here, I'm posting the link to my other blog. I used to have one blog and it pretty much covered everything, but this year I decided I didn't want my local friends to have my weight loss stats, etc. So I split them up. Feel free to read away. Hubby and I aren't very exciting, though. LOL

  2. Me too carla...what a good idea! I will do this for my next post and be brave enough to tell everyone a bit more about me. Funny isn't it we are willing to post the level of honestly I certainly wouldn't let people who know me read and yet we are still shy!
    Very good idea

  3. Hey chick! Let me see.... I'm 32 (33 april 8th), married to my hubby for 5 years, live in charlotte nc. I work in the corporate side of the transportation industry - basically stuck in a cube farm.

    I'm originally from a small town in VA right off the Blue Ridge Parkway - beautiful, and I miss the mountains, but not a lot in the way of jobs or stuff to do, so I left when I was 18.

    I love to read, and I read just about anything. I listen to a lot of hard rock/heavy metal type music, but also love 80's and some kind of new agey stuff like Enya. I want *desperately* to be a crafty/artsy kind of person, but have never really known how or where to start. I'd love to learn to make a quilt or knit something....

    I love to cook, and it drives my husband crazy because once I've made something, the interest is gone and I'm off to new and exciting things. I once took a Wilton cake decorating class (there's that urge to be crafty) and really loved it, except for the part when we got to the flowers. I turned into a violent woman, and I think I scared my husband a bit (not necessarily a bad thing! ;) )

    I love animals, generally better than people. We have way too many cats, that my mother in law has taken to calling her "grand cats". It's a little disturbing.

    In person, I'm more shy and reserved... I'm very self conscious and anxious, which I think is brought on my my weight and being so unhappy w/ how I look. I think I'll be more of the real me once I get back down to a "normal" weight, and gain back some confidence.

    So that's my strange randomness in a nutshell. thanks for all your comments and support - you're an awesome girl!