Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another day

Yesterday was my sickest so far, and boy was I in a mood.  I just felt so crummy, I did not care in the least what I ate.  Thank you Polar's Mom and Dawn for your comments.

Old fashioned oatmeal w/ walnuts, cinnamon, butter, raw sugar, 1% milk; half a slice of toast, butter, 8 oz 1% milk (or water, not sure how much milk is in the fridge), half a banana.

one Ak-mak cracker

Lunch:  Tuna sandwich on whole wheat, milk

One cheese toast, half a pear, carrots and peas, milk

I went to the doc and got some anitbiotics, should be on the mend soon.


  1. Hope you feel better!

    Polar's Mom

  2. Get better soon!
    I've been sick too.
    Love the Beatles.... that should help us both feel better!

  3. Look after yourself a little, get well and keep on track as best you can whilst looking after yourself a bit more ....and then when you're back to 100% ...THEN move forward. No quick fix out there so hard days when you're ill you just need to be kind to yourself to get through. Your health is too important.
    Let us know how you are x

  4. Thanks Polar's Mom, Anne and Dawn. I went to the doc and got some antibiotics. Back to work tomorrow.