Friday, February 4, 2011


I am very pleased.  I have lost just a little over 16 pounds since the first of the year, but already I am able to take my daily walks without my cane.  I am only 53, but the idea of already having to use a cane everyday, well, I was not happy about it. 

I am able to walk more.  Because I am getting more exercise, I am sleeping better.  Also, since I am walking more, my back is hurting less.  Today was my first day walking without my cane.  I made 3 circuits around the parking lot at work, and nothing hurt (back, hips, knees, feet) when I finished.  It is getting easier to get up from my chair during the day.  Still not quite popping up, but I am getting there.

Hope everyone has a successful weekend!

4750 steps

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  1. 16 pounds???? Holy crap! Good for you! That is great, and the fact that you already having NSVs, that is too cool.

    It's amazing how when things start clicking, a good cycle starts...who knew there was even a 'good' cycle?!?!?! Good work!

    Polar's Mom