Wednesday, February 16, 2011


UGH!!! I just cannot motivate myself to work my exercise dvd.  It's called Chair Aerobics for Everyone and is very good.  I tell myself every night, OK, this is it, in the morning I will do this.  But when morning comes...not so much.  My only time to do this is at 5 am.  That means I have to be in the shower by 4:30 ( I seem to have less pain if I warm up in the shower first).  I just want to snuggle under the covers and have my coffee at 4:30.  Well, I would rather be asleep at 4:30, but I have gotten up at 4 for nearly 20 years and usually wake up sometime before that.  So, sleep is not happening.  I am getting a good amount of exercise by walking at work, but I could do more.  On a positive note, I am sleeping much better with the increased walking.

Win the day!

Oatmeal w/ pecans, dried fruit, cinnamon, butter, raw sugar, nonfat milk, toast, butter, water. 

 I know it says butter twice on here, but I am very careful about the amounts I use.  I am not going to use fake food.  My grandson has behavior problems and since getting rid of all processed and other fake food, he is doing better.  People were healthier and less fat before all this crap came out.  I've said it before, but if it didn't exist 100 years ago, don't eat it.  I know I've had my slips (Butterfinger) but am doing much better.

A side note about children's behavior.  When Cade, my grandson, was diagnosed with ADD, I did research on diet.  Medication was out of the question, so this had to be it.  I read the best thing to do was get an old Betty Crocker cookbook and cook from that.  Real, healthy, whole food, no fake stuff.  It's not a miracle cure, but it sure has helped him.


Leftover pasta and veggie dish, apple, water

Leftover chicken and rice, milk

4 morning circuits
0 afternoon circuits, just can't do it today, too cold.
3016 steps


  1. It helps his ADD and helps live and eat more healthily all round...Sounds like a really good idea!.
    well done

  2. The walking helps and it is sooooo easy to do!
    Hardest part is finding the time to do it every day!
    Good job, Carla!
    I am a big fan of Chair Workouts

  3. That 1 is supposed to be a !!