Monday, September 17, 2012


I am doing much better keeping within my calories today.  Yesterday was a complete bust...I didn't even try to track anything.  However, the food ranges within those calories are still way off.  But I will get there.  I know I will.  I think.  :-)

Sunday, September 16, 2012


No wonder I'm not losing weight!  

So, there is this website called My Plate at  I know, some people will have the attitude, "Oh it's the government!  I'm not gonna let the government tell ME how to eat. They have an agenda."  I say BIG FLIPPIN DEAL!!  I'll bet their suggestions are a whole lot healthier than what most people are eating.  You enter in your age, height, weight, activity level and it will tell you how many calories, and what type of food and how much you should eat.  For instance, I should have 3 cups of dairy daily.

Anyway,  they have the best food tracker I have seen on the internet.  Most trackers I have come across make it so the user can enter into the database.  This is just terrible!  Some of the measurements are Imperial, some are US standard, some things just aren't in there (so you have to waste time trying to figure out the website's method of entry), some measurements aren't available.  I won't even talk about how the food itself has been listed in the database.

At My Plate you can use measurements in quarter cup increments, by the teaspoon, tablespoon,  you can enter whole, pieces, sections, ALL KINDS of choices of measurement.  This drove me nuts on the other sites. And the food choices are wonderful.  SO MANY CHOICES!!  Take corn for instance.  Is it canned, no salt or fat? With salt no fat? With salt and margarine? With salt and butter? Fresh?  You can create a favorite food list so you don't have to always search the database. And you can create a combo list, for things like tuna sandwich or and entire meal.  I usually eat the same stuff when I eat oatmeal, etc.  And then, there are the charts and graphs.  It keeps track of your nutrients, are you ok, over, under?  All kinds of things.  You can also create reports.  This site is AWESOME!!!

So here we go.  My calories should be 1600.  Yesterday was my first day of tracking.  I wasn't trying to do anything but see how I have been doing, generally.  Here is the eye opener.  I thought I did ok.  2295 calories!!!!!  HOLY FREAKING COW!!!!!  And grain was off the chart.  No vegetables to speak of.

Best of all, this site is free.  Give it a try.

Friday, September 7, 2012

I have no idea why.  Absolutely none.  Nothing has changed.  AT ALL!!