Monday, February 21, 2011

New Old Clothes or Old New Clothes

While putting away laundry this weekend, I happened to come across some tops I had not worn in quite sometime...I had outgrown them.  I tried on a few and they all fit, and a couple were too large!  I did have to go buy some new pants on Saturday.  My old ones started falling to the tops of my legs if I held my stomach in, was constantly having to pull them up. I have gone from a 24 to a 20 in pants, and a 3X and 2x for tops to an XL.  Also had to go bra shopping.  It occurred to me while I was there, I had no idea what size to get, as I had not measured before leaving home.  I HATE bra shopping, and to make it even worse, the bra section was a mess, no order at all.  I am saving one pair of 24s to put on and take a photo with after all is said and done.  I had thought about taking them in, but decided against it and just bought some new.

I got my new 32 oz water container and some lemons to cut up and put in.  I have to fill it 4 times each day to get enough water.

10 grain hot cereal w/ pecans and dried fruit, toast, butter, nonfat milk

Two Akmak crackers, really,really hungry today.

Two ham sandwiches, no mayo, apple, water


Tofu Parm, Bruchetta, milk

4 morning circuits
0 afternoon circuits, too sleepy...took a nap, didn't sleep well last night, woke up in the middle of the night hurting again.
Forgot to look at how many steps before I went to bed


  1. Great NSV! Nothing better to kick start a new week!

  2. Brilliant - You have made such a big difference - Isn't it great to try on clothes and find they fit, and also to move down the sizes and leave behind clothes because they are too big. You're having great results - Well done!