Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Comments, part 2

It looks like I am still having problems commenting, no matter what computer I am using.  Sometimes they post and other times they disappear.  I am reading and cheering each of you on everyday!  I hope everyone is having a lovely week.  Love Carla

Monday, June 20, 2011


On my last post, I said I hadn't weighed in a while...that I was afraid to, after all the off plan eating I had done, the past few weeks.  Well, I weighed in this morning and gained only one pound after all that.  WHEW!!!  What a relief!  Things are as back to normal as they will be and I am back on track. 

I hope everyone has a great week!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Update and Other Stuff

Hello All,

Not a whole lot to tell as far as weight loss.  I am still plugging along, walking my circuits, watching portion sizes, paying attention to when I am full and stopping, not snacking much at work...just pretzels and a candy bar occasionally.  I have not weighed in some time though, I am afraid to.  The stress of the past several weeks had me eating more than I would have liked.  One thing I did notice though, at the most stressful times I was FAMISHED!  I could not get enough to eat.  I did not overeat all that much, but as I said, I did eat more than I wanted and did not make the best choices.  And then, when the stress had passed, hardly any appetite at all.  Very odd to me.

I do have a bit of interesting news.  Those that have been following me for a while (Thank you so much, I love all of you!) knows my main form of exercise is walking circuits around the parking lot at work, on my breaks.  Well, the funny thing is, other people have noticed me out there.  At first they just kind of looked at me like some kind of oddity (esp when it was freezing cold and raining).  Now they are encouraging me on.  But here is the best part.  Others have started walking too and telling me about it.  Two co-worker/friends that work up on the second floor have started walking the back stairs a couple times a day, just for the exercise.  Others have started walking circuits around the parking lot on their breaks too.  People I have never spoken to except to say hi in passing, are stopping me to tell me about their exercise efforts.  I love it!  Very cool.

And now some sad news.  My boys are moving away.  Almost 1,000 miles.  I have to say, I am a bit scared to be up here by myself, but, my son has a great opportunity to attend Pharmacy Tech training for FREE.  They will be living with my elderly parents and helping them.  After our trip down there last week, I see that my parents need my sons help as much as he needs theirs.  My father is entering into Senile Dementia and my mom just cannot keep their place up by herself.  Some things have fallen into minor disrepair and Donald will be taking care of these things.  The yard and surrounding property have become overgrown, too.  So Donald and my grandson Cade have some yardwork to do.

I do have some plans though.  Once they leave, I will have a whole lot of time on my hands.  The apartments I live in have an exercise room with lots of equipment and a recumbent (sp?) bike.  Debbie at Getting Healthy, has inspired me to ride across the country.  I am really looking forward to this.  It will make it a lot more fun.  Also, my son does most of our cooking.  He is a meat and potatoes kind of guy.  He likes to cook with a lot of cheese, frying, bacon, you get the idea.  I am more simple and somewhat vegetarian.  I like simple protein and vegetable meals.  I am still struggling to eat fruit.  I have lots of vegetarian cookbooks and am looking forward to trying out some recipes. 

Well, I have a busy day ahead of me today, I better get busy.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hello Everyone!

Hi All,  I have been out of town several days.  My boys and I took a roadtrip to southern California.  It was a lot of fun and took 13 hours each way.  They are moving there this summer and hopefully I will follow in early spring. 

I did not use the computer much while I was away and have not been able to follow how everyone is doing.  I hope you're all well, happy and doing great!

My eating was so-so.  I will fess up to one thing only and I loved it.  My niece and her hubby took us to an all you can eat pizza place, I think it was called Cece's.  Oh my goodness!  I have never seen such a place, a literal smorgasbord of every pizza you can imagine and then some.  It was so fun, and the slices were small so I had me some pizza!

It's early, but I have to get to bed...SO tired.  Take care everyone and I hope you have a lovely rest of the week.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Suggestions Please

Hello All, I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!  I received the following email.  I was wondering if you might have some suggestions for this young lady.  Thanks!

Hi Carla,
I visited your blog and saw that you are into dieting/fitness. I think I've reached the lowest point in my life, so I really need your advice....
I've been struggling to lose weight ever since I graduated from college. I've tried diets, exercising, fasting... My problem is that I have literally no motivation and discipline.
I'm 35 years old, and both of my younger sisters already got married.. I feel like such a loser for being undesirable to men, and for gaining so much weight since college... some days, i just ask myself what's the point of it all? Even if I lost all this weight, I'll still look ugly and flabby =(
Do you have any advice you can give me on motivating myself to eat less and exercise more? It's such a vicious cycle.. I'd try and go on a diet, and be discouraged and end up eating junk food to comfort myself...
I hope you can be of some help - I really need it at this point. God Bless~~~~