Saturday, January 29, 2011

My before and after pictures

If anyone is interested in creating their own before and after pictures, you can go here website is called My Virtual Model.  I am not all that computer savvy and for me, while it was fun, it was also a little difficult.  It's also why my blog is so plain.  I am completely impressed with all the graphics and what not on others blogs. 

Like Mer at We're Losing It says, " I think the pics are a wonderful way to keep yourself on track so that you visualize what you will look like at your ideal weight."  I agree completely.  It helps to look at the after picture and actually see what I could look like.  Not just some far off Maybe in my mind. 

I have a busy day to today, so I better get at it.  I hope everyone's weekend is what you want it to be!

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  1. Ive gone through some of my photos thinking I would like to be brave enough to post them ...but I am not
    I think it is because they are not enough of 'before' more still as i am and until theres a change I cant face posting. these virtual pics are a really good idea