Saturday, January 15, 2011


I have discovered two non-food ways to comfort myself.  I discovered them last winter, when I had pneumonia.

First, is a very, very hot bubblebath.  I use EO's French Lavendar with Aloe.  It's a little spendy...$10.00 for a 12 oz bottle.  I don't spend much money on myself, so I don't mind buying this.  Plus, it is very helpful for arthritis pain.

Second, is Twining's Earl Grey tea.  I don't take anything in my tea, so I count it as non-food.  I love Earl Grey tea.  Some brands are better than others.  So far, Twining's is the one I like best.

What are your non-food comforts?

1 comment:

  1. Long soaks in hot bubbly baths....and candles. I love lemony candles ...a real treat!