Monday, January 24, 2011


The things I am currently focusing on are:  Walking around the parking lot at work 3 times, twice a day.  That would be a total of 30 minutes of walking each day.  The other is trying to have a piece of fruit at each meal.  I am not very fond of fruit, so it is a struggle.  Overall, my plan is just to eat healthier, watch portion control, and pay attention to when I have had enough to eat.  I have cut out almost all fast food and processed food.  I go to McD occasionally for breakfast when I have had a bad night and am having difficulty getting around in the mornings. 

While reading the blogs, I am amazed at all the different plans that work for everybody.  I think for me it is going to be calories in and calories out.  I am not counting calories, but if I put a proper amount of healthy food on my plate, that should do it.  I hope. 

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  1. Hi Carla!
    First of all, thanks SO much for the kind words of encouragement! It feels so good to know others are cheering you on!

    Secondly - I think you're doing an awesome job with working out. I know it's a struggle (one I've been to scared to tackle) and I am really impressed with the way you're really putting yourself out there!

    You're doing an amazing job, and I look forward to seeing your progress!