Monday, January 17, 2011

The damage and the plan

First the damage:  I gained 4.8 pounds during my unfortunate episode.  Bread and butter are my downfall.  I found a really good Italian bread and I ate that a lot to keep my stomach settled.  Whenever I felt nausea...bread and butter.

Now for the plan:  I am switching from 3 eggs and toast, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and oatmeal Tuesday and Thursday to Oatmeal Monday, Wednesday, Friday and lowfat cottage cheese and tomatoes (my favorite breakfast) Tuesday and Thursday.  I haven't figured out lunch and dinner yet.  I am open to suggestions.

I get two 15 minute breaks at work.  I have been walking during my first break and napping during my second break.  I have not been sleeping well (2-3 hours of sleep each night) and am so tired when 2:30 comes around, I just need to sleep.  I will do my darndest to walk in the afternoons.  In the morning I walk around the parking lot 2-3 times, will try to do at least 3 times.  Also, I have an arobics dvd.  It's called Chair Arobics and it really gets you moving.  It works all areas (except maybe your tush) of your body and has a warm-up and a cool-down.  You're just not standing.  There is a standing version on there, something to work up to.  I try to do this every other day (the sitting not the standing).

Have to go get ready for work.  Have a wonderful day!

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