Tuesday, March 1, 2011


2 eggs, toast, butter, coffee


Salad, water


Hamburger rice, milk

4 morning circuits
4 afternoon circuits  I tried really, really hard to talk myself out of doing them this afternoon.  My back and legs are SOOOOO achy.  But, I will never reach my goal if I don't stop messing around.  This is always what has happened in the past.  I got tired or bored with trying, start messing around and eventually forget all about what I was trying to do.  This time is different, I have support I can count on...my bloggy friends.  Also, I added my 4th afternoon circuit today.  Except for my left knee REALLY acting up, adding the 4th circuit was not as difficult as adding the 3rd circuit.  I will try this for 2-3 weeks and try adding a 5th circuit in the morning.

6722 steps, my most so far


  1. They are laps around the parking lot at work. When I first started, I could only do 2 in the morning. I had to use a cane and had to stop and sit in my car, between laps. Now, as of yesterday I am up to 8 per day (with no resting) and I have been off the cane a few weeks now.

    I have arthritis throughout my body, and movement is/was painful and difficult...part of the reason I am where I am today. I have to take 3 different medications for it. I am hoping to someday be off of all of them.

    Thanks for stopping by Ginger! I hope you have a great day!

  2. well done! That internal voice that whispers in your ear not to do it, to give in, to stop....its very hard to ignore. ....u didn't ignore and went ahead and did more! Thats a great achievement

  3. Good for you! Quite an achievement! I have arthritis in my hips & knees. I'm hoping to avoid knee & hip replacements that my grandma & mom have had, by losing weight & keeping active.