Friday, March 4, 2011


Happy Friday morning everyone!

So, I am not happy with the focus and direction of my weight loss and this blog, and I am going to be making some changes, and posting them here.

Way back when, I was a back-to-the-land earth-mama wannabe stuck in suburbia.  I loved my lifestyle and the way I cared for my family (not gonna get the Birkies out, though).  We were healthy and active.  Also, I was raised up during the health nut craze of the 60's and 70's.  Late 70's I was married and had a baby.  He had long hair and was naked a lot of the time, at home.   He ate mostly homemade food, herb tea for his colic, all natural get the idea.  By the way, chamomile tea works wonders for colic.  I put this in his bottles instead of juice.  I've lost sight of the person I used to be and want to find her again.

The first thing I have done was to grow my own sprouts.  Just had them on a tuna sandwich yesterday, and they were very good.  I used to grow these a lot.  You can get e-coli from the ones at the store. 

Can't write more, already late getting ready for work.  Gotta go.  Have a great day!


  1. growing you own veggies, working the land, living off truly organic produce, now THAT is something to aspire to. They say the most successful diets are ones where you make a lifestyle change not just cut out bad foods temporarily. Sounds like a great change!

  2. Funny that you talk about this Carla. I use to be an avid gardener and grew a ton of vegetables and fruits during the year. Since then I have been a busy working mom and can't seem to even get outside in my own backyard! I also want to find that person again and be that earth mama like you. What is the best way to grow your own spouts. My kids love the mung beans. I also want to try to grow soybeans in my garden this summer. Have you ever tried those?
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Ah, a backyard. I would love to have a backyard. I live in an apartment in not-sunny Oregon. About your sprout question, I put up a post about them. I have never grown soybeans and my next sprouting efforts are going to be mung bean - love them. I bought them last weekend. Hope you are having a great weekend too, Mer.