Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Helpful List and Some Other Stuff

Here's a thought.  I think I'm gonna TRY to choose my foods from the list below. 

Here's something else.  For a while there, I was doing pretty good at following a resistance training routine.  And then of course I stopped.  Just got lazy.  I didn't think it was working.  I couldn't SEE any results.  I thought I was too far gone for it to do any good. Etc, Etc, Etc.  Welllll, it was working.  The reason I know this is because...after about a month after QUITTING, I could REALLY feel the jiggle in my upper thighs WHEN I walked.  Fat in motion is not a pretty thing.  And not very comfortable, either.  If I could feel it wiggling when I walked, could other people see it wiggling too?  HORRORS!!  How embarrassing!  Soooo, this week I am back at it AGAIN.

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