Monday, October 31, 2011

Mini-Challenge #1

I am working really hard on strengthening my knees.  I came across some knee exercises I have started today.  I have a chair aerobics dvd, that I can't always use, but I can always do the knee exercises...I can do them in bed.  So, with walking the circuits at work, taking the stairs, and now these I should be on the mend (well, not mend...I have arthritis, but improvement anyway) soon and moving closer to Onderland.  I just cannot wait.  I am trying to decide what to do for myself once I get there.  In the past I would have celebrated with food.  But like I saw on Pretty Pauline's facebook, we are not dogs, not to reward ourselves with food.

Have a great week everyone!  And Happy Halloween!!

***UPDATE*** Duh!! I forgot to say...the challenge is to make these knee exercises a twice daily habit.


  1. Good luck on your new mini challenge... your new habit. You can do it.

    I agree, I like to reward myself with food too. But with a new you needs to come a new reward. Keep us posted on what you choose.

  2. HA HA! I did so like that quote... I am realizing that I need to STRETCH more!!!! Our family is currently doing the 100 push-ups, 150 dips, and 200 squat challenges. We are working on getting fresh air, too, but we need to STRETCH!!!!

    Just thinking of you....