Sunday, October 9, 2011

Something Odd

So here is an odd thing that I have noticed occurring lately.  Whenever I eat any kind of sugary thing (or white starchy thing, for that matter), I start to itch.  Very badly.  It started with the palms of my hands.  Uncontrollable itching, yikes!  And now I itch all over.  But, thankfully, not all the time.  Just when I eat sugar or overly white stuff (saltines, white bread, etc.).

Hilarious!  How's that for incentive, huh?

I hope everyone's week is wonderful and successful!


  1. okay now I am worried... loss of appetite, itching... check out this

    My friend a few years ago was diagnosed with Lymphoma.

    Sorry to freak out I know I am a strange, just ignore me if I am way off base.

  2. Deanna, Thank you so much for your concern and the link. I looked up the symptoms and had 2 out of seven. I will definately keep an eye on this. I had no idea. I just love these blogs. You never know what you will find out. Take care Deanna and I hope your day is great!

  3. Thank you for not thinking I am out of my mind... well maybe you do think that, but thank you for not saying so. Yes please keep an eye out.


  4. I think itching is a fairly reactive you are reacting to something and not in a good way. Wouldn't hurt to get it checked out. It sounds just a little worrying to me truthfully

    You know how you are feeling - whether well, or not. Just take care xx