Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lab Work

A few weeks ago I had some labwork done and got the results back yesterday.  Everything came back normal, but with a couple of minor, but good changes.

1.  My blood sugar was 124 last year, this year it is down to 121.  Normal is 70-100. 
2.  Last year my A1c (which measures your overall blood sugar for the last 3 months or so) was 6.5, this year it is down to 6.2.  Normal is 4.0-6.0.

Even last year my numbers were low for diabetes, sometimes my daily measurements were up in the 160's and had me scared.  I haven't done any daily measurements in a couple months.  I think as long as I continue to loose, I am not going to.  I HATE poking my fingers.  Although my 10 year old grandson is quite intrigued by the blood, he used to remind me to test.  HA!  I even offered to test him and he said NO!  Boys.

Hope everyone has a lovely spring day.  Still cold and rainy in the Pacific Northwest.  BOOOO!!!


  1. Isn't it nice to see that the changes that you have made are affecting your body in more than ways than one? Good for You!

  2. You are doing great. The changes in your hair, looks, body, attitude...sometimes just the little things all add up to a BIG thing!! Keep up the good work. Have a GREAT week!!


  3. YAY for better numbers, always! My entire family always enjoys the music when I visit, btw...

  4. I'm proud of you. My mom has D2 and is always struggling with her A1c... good for you!

  5. I'm a sucker for good lab reports. Sounds like allot of hardwork and determination is happening here and you have results to prove it.

    Nice Blog!