Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Change Of Focus

I haven't been here in a while.  My journey back to wellness has been derailed.  Big time.  I have so much wrong with me.  Diabetes, arthritis, and other stuff.  My focus is no longer weight loss, but just general stuff.  I think probably leaning more towards arthritis and the pain that comes along with it.  And then, some other stuff along the way.

Today is not a good day.  Walking is becoming more and more difficult and painful.  Very painful.  It used to be just my knees.  Now it has moved into my feet, ankles, hips and spine.  My shoulders are next.  I can feel little twinges now and then.  Anyway, back to today.  I hurt very much.  Especially in my spine.  And I am so very, very tired.

Pain wears you out.  I have been trying to find some kind of online support group.  I have given up.  So, I will just post here.  Actually, today, I did find some advice in an online article for housecleaning.  My house is so bad and it is so depressing because I just can't do the things I used to.  


  1. I am so sorry :( Chronic pain is so draining. I have found that eating sugar aggravates my arthritis, so I try to avoid it. If you are looking for a support forum, try 3fatchicks.com. They are generally very welcoming and supportive (it is a weight loss forum but still, a good place). Hope you feel better soon. There is hope.

  2. I would second the no sugar idea. Also, as a bonus, going light on the sugar (less than 20 grams a day total) is the only way I have taken off weight and kept it off. I tried everything, SO many things, and they all took weight off, but when I went back to eating normally, the weight always came back and then some. No sugar took it off and when I took a break and admittedly ate a lot of junk, NONE of the weight came back. Its the one and only thing that worked for me. I would caution against some sugar free things that use sugar substitutes though. Aspartame and other things like it can really aggravate joint pain.

  3. I have arthritis in my fingers, toes and knees. What I have found helps me is riding a bike. I know you have pain in your spine, so that might not be possible. But cycling keeps on maybe a stationary bike would be something you could try. Here is an excellent resource for you: http://www.hopkinsarthritis.org/patient-corner/disease-management/role-of-exercise-in-arthritis-management/#sec_benefits

    I know weight loss is taking a back step now, but keep in mind that it is the little changes that will add up. Maybe just documenting what you are eating and planning for meals will be a way to help.

    How about hiring someone to help at home? Is that feasible? Maybe a college student?