Wednesday, June 19, 2013


The pain is better today.  Most of the time, the pain occurs just when I am doing stuff, not just being (if that makes sense).  But the last few  weeks, the pain has been constant.  However, I have been experimenting with supplements.  I take 2 prescriptions daily for the pain, and two other heavy duty stuff for when it is really bad.  Every component is important and helps.  Along with my prescriptions, I have been taking hyaluronic acid.  This week I have added turmeric.  I should say, re-added.  For a while there I was taking 39 pills (scrips and supplements) daily, just to stop hurting and I stopped all of the supplements and am gradually adding SOME back in.  I am going to give each addition two weeks before adding something else.  Today is day two of the turmeric.  I chose turmeric because it is so important for other things as well.  Anyway, today is better.  Not needing the cane as much, just a little bit.

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