Friday, August 12, 2011

Slipping Back Into Old Habits

Now that I'm living alone again, I have begun slipping back into old habits.  Eating poorly, more fast food, watching TV in the evenings.  I noticed earlier in the week, my pants were feeling tight around the waist.  I have not weighed in a while and did this morning.  I have gained 6 pounds.  I have been doing this diet/weight loss thing my entire adult life.  I am so very, viry tired of this whole thing.


  1. There you are!!! Good to "see" you! It is a hard thing. You are going through changes again and it can be a struggle to keep going. Sending you good thoughts, motivation and the drive to continue to get healthy - do it for you!!!!


  2. I'm sure I'm well on the way to being there too - after meals out on holiday for 2 weeks and tomorrow - I'm back on my plan with a vengance.
    Consider it a vacation and get back in the groove.
    You can do it, we can do it

  3. Come on girl, you can do this! Change is hard, and sometimes we have to start over (yet again) - but you haven't lost the race until you stop running!

  4. I agree with the other comments, change is hard & sometimes it hits us harder than we realize. Six lbs. isn't the end of the world & it will probably come off quickly once you get back to your healthy habits. You can do this one healthy decision at a time!