Saturday, September 25, 2010

Let's try this again.

Well, the food has just been more of the same.  Also, I had some log-in problems, hopefully it was just a computer glitch.  I got some new tennis shoes for walking at work.  However, it seems that the more I walk, the more my knees , hips and back hurt.  The arthritis pain has gotten worse the last few weeks.  It seems, the more active I am, the worse the pain becomes.  Not to worry, I have my chair arobics (hmm, that doesn't look right) dvd, and if I do it correctly, there is no pain.  It's just that my only time to do it is at 5 am.  Sounds like a lot of excuses, huh?  HAHAHA!

Gotta go finish dinner.  Dinner tonight is scalloped potatoes (made with nonfat milk) and broccoli.  I guess that sounds ok.

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